120 New Pre-Made Covers

120 New Pre-made Book Cover Designs for sale $40 or less. Hundreds more to choose from at http://www.GoOnWrite.com


200 New Pre-made Book Cover Designs

$40 each or less, get them + hundreds more from www.GoOnWrite.com


180 New Pre-made Covers

180 new pre-made book cover designs for $40 each or less – hundreds more to choose from at


100 New Pre-made Covers

100 New Pre-made Book Covers for Sale $40 at . Hundreds more to chose from. Merry Xmas.

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HALF PRICE sale on Pre-made Book Covers

It’s time for a HALF PRICE sale on pre-made book cover credits. The famous five for $95 is back for three days … get them whilst you can here: http://www.goonwrite.com/salefor95.htm and all my covers are here: http://www.goonwrite.com/


120 New Pre-made Book Covers for Sale

I’ve done another batch. Get them at http://www.GoOnWrite.com


150 New Pre-made Covers

150 New Pre-made Book Cover Designs at . Hundreds more to chose from. $40 ea. or less. GET ‘EM!


110 New Pre-made Book Covers

110 new book covers and then some more, plus 100s more to chose from from . $40 ea.


150 New Pre-made Book Covers

$40 each, hundreds more to choose from. First come First Served.



I feel like such an idiot …

… I posted something on here yesterday which was completely wrong. I messed up my calculations. Amazon doesn’t charge you extra for adding your Book Cover to your file (only if you do it yourself inside the Mobi file). Lot’s of eagle-eyed authors pointed this out to me.

So sorry if I made you all angry against Amazon … but you’re now allowed to direct that anger towards me and rightly so.






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