Black and Red

Sometimes simple colours really just hit you. Make you go – I’m interested. I had a person got it touch wanting a cover … here are some preliminary ideas I’ve been messing about with. I don’t think person will really like them because they’re a little ‘too’ modern and less genre specific. But I found a red I like – it has a certain flavour when set against white and black. Colours, my favourite design obsession. Enjoy.

9 Book Cover Design Options : Living Life with Millenials

Here’s something I put together for a potential client. I went for wildly differing styles to see what the client liked the best. Which one do you you like?


Book Cover Design: Death Knell

This is something a little different. I had to put together a Genre piece – a mystery thriller cover. It’s something to do with a car crash and ghosted, dark memory, hence the subtle accident police-tape lines and the eerie background image. The original image was actually supplied by the author. I like it a lot so offered to design her cover for her. Another nice piece of portfolio to add to my increasing numbers.😉


Cheap Half-Price Kindle Book Cover Design from a Professional Designer

Sorry by due to the fact I’ve had lots and lots of jobs from my offer, I’ve ended the half-price thing. Here is my current (still pretty cheap) offer:

50 Shapes of Yay!

So I guess you see what I’ve done there! Something about erotica no doubt – well you wouldn’t be wrong. This evening I will be mostly underlining my copy of Little Birds by Anais Nin, a few other classic erotic works, for the express purpose of getting some nice words and expression together for a piece of erotica that I’m going to work on. Filth is lovely but it needs to be done right. I will post of a list of some nice little words that do it for me in the coming days if you are interested. It’s all about scent and sensuality if done right. How to do it wrong:

If you can’t read it it says:

“His pointer finger circled my puckered love cave. ‘Are you ready for this?’ he mewed, smirking at me like a mother hamster about to eat her three-leggered young.”

S & M? Talk about a tourtured simile! And I’m not even going to touch ‘pucked love cave’.

We’ll see what I come up with – it will be for this piece of work:

Utter Joy (Not what you think …)

I’ve finally finished my first paid job for a bookcover design, but that’s not what caused my utter joy neither was it the payment – which is always nice – it’s the fact that the person who I was working for was top draw – a real gent. Appreciated the work I did. Listened to my opinion and actually went for the design that I liked best – or thought worked well. Even took suggestions on a name change to make it sound more snappy. What I guy. It’s always nice to be listened to, appreciated for you professional opinion. Hopefully it will be the first of many.

Any way here’s the final version of the work – it ended up being two books – and there will be more in the series so we’re trying to build a nice theme of the brand.

If you’re as nice as this guy, you pay a decent amount for a good piece of work and you need for you bookcover to look modern, fresh and professional you know where to come – as lawyers are fond of saying – my door’s always open (

Path to Self – Design for Author

Here’s something I did for someone who was interested in getting a new cover for their book. Just me messing about: