Today’s job had some interesting points

Here’s another cover – the client said they wanted loads of text on the cover – so I did what they said. Gave them their three options they’d paid for then. Then I totally disregarded it – and did a simplified option – as in their field on Amazon everyone was filling the cover with lots of marketing speak hyperbole – which I am pretty much against.

This job has highlighted a few important points:

  1. DON’T DILUTE. In Non-fiction, design is always muddied by too many words on a cover. Also the core message is diluted as to what the book is about.
  2. RESEARCH. It’s important to know your market – i.e. I went out and had a look at other Green Smoothie books – to my utter non-surprise – lots of wild claims on their covers. Know your market.
  3. MULTI-COVERS. The client came back and said to me they didn’t know if they liked the simplified version or the more text-heavy version better. And I said to them, “I’ll send them as a high resolution for both of those two. That way … you can try both out – see which gets you the most sales. That’s the beauty of ebooks – you can changes stuff pretty quickly and try out different marketing tactics. I’d be happy to do that for you.” Will I be doing it for all my books – maybe, maybe not because I like the idea of reselling non-used designs. But still it’s worth thinking about. It seems like a smart idea for the client. And I’m all about keeping the client happy.



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  1. John D. Mosley

     /  September 19, 2012

    The Fresh Water, Modernista, and Skin options seem to attract my attention more to this book than those of the cleaner marketing. It seems like you know less of what you are getting with the cleaner marketing approach, for this book anyway.

    • Understood – but did you read the point I made about looking at everyone else’s Green Smoothie offering on Amazon (have a search for Green Smoothie and you’ll see what I mean) – all of them had loads of text on there – so this clean approach made them stand out and I’m giving them both sets so they can test out the marketing. Because I think I’m right. But I might not be. But simple I think is the way to go compared to the rest of their competitors.

      As ever John. Nice to hear your comments.


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