40 New Pre-made Book Covers: Mixed Bag

I’ve designed another 40 covers that are available for sale from my pre-made site Go On Write – The Pre-made Book Cover Depository.

First come first served.

Book Cover: Before I Wake

Here is another design I completed this afternoon. It was for a suspense thriller set in an asylum.

Book Cover: Faerie Games

Here’s another book cover I designed today … the client wanted something very specific as you can see from the options.

20 New Pre-made Covers

A lot of these are recycled work from a previous project but there are some corkers there – which would suit any book.

First come, first served. Get them all at Go On Write – the pre-made book cover depository.

20 New Pre-made Book Cover Designs: Cuteness

After the filth of erotic covers it was time to do something totally in a different direction. As ever you’ll find them here: www.GoOnWrite.com


20 New Pre-Made Book Covers: Redressing the Gender Balance

Ladies and Gentlemen (that looking other Gentlemen),

Your time is now! I had quite a few requests for me to do some covers with gentlemen on them because I seem to be obsessed with women. But I’m comfortable with my sexuality – so this wasn’t a problem at all. So here for your visual delectation are 20 male covers. There will be more to follow until balance has been restored. They’re available to buy now at the normal website:
And as ever … first come, first served. So get your grubby, lust-filled hands on these fellows now before their dance card has already been filled.

Book Cover: Billy Bones

Another cover … this time a kids book.


Book Cover: After Dakota

After my little sabbatical doing some pre-made designs I’m back on with custom design book covers for all the clients coming through. I seem to be getting more work in now which is great!

This cover is for a  young adult novel set in the 80s. One of the motifs are the black sneakers with orange laces. So you boom – it’s on the cover:


40 More New Pre-made Covers

I’ve just added another 40 covers to my website www.GoOnWrite.com – enjoy!


Pre-made Book Cover Designs. The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

I guess this is an odd one really. I was going to write a set of article about how to design Genre without Cliché – but do you know what … I was more bothered about doing the designs for the articles which I was going to sell as pre-made books covers. The first one was going to be Horror – so I did a set of designs and then I got bored of that and then I had my $50 recycle place and then and then and then …


All hail the new king in town for Pre-made covers ….

Go On Write

Enjoy writers and cover fans, alike.

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