You Lying Shitty Bastard!

guns and chair

Pre-made Book Cover Sale Ends in 3 Days : Get in Quick

‎3 days left on my End of year pre-made books cover sale. Get in quick before the offer runs out.

Sale Ends

New Cover Design: Piece of Me

Here’s a one about magical stuff. Sexy sexy magical stuff. Hope the client likes.

Piece of ME


Fun Fun Fun … wonder if this is interesting to people.


Well today’s the day: after sitting on my copy of the Taleist Self-Publishing Survey for the best part of a week, I can finally share some of the juiciest bits with you and we can all get on with the business of discussing them. Hooray!

The Taleist Self-Publishing Survey, if you don’t know, was conducted in February by Steven Lewis (of Taleist) and Dave Cornford, and asked more than 1,000 self-publishers (including me!) 61 questions related to their self-publishing experience. With such a sizable pool of respondents, this is the first time we can really get an accurate snapshot of what the self-publishing world is looking like in 2012—something that’s extremely difficult to do when most of us are inside our little self-pubbed bubbles, clueless as to how well (or not) our peers are doing, and why they’re doing so well if they are. As Steven and Dave say:

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30 New Pre-Made Cover Designs: Another Chunk of Erotica

Yeah, even I am getting bored of this genre now. So this will probably be the last chunk and then I’ll move on to something else. Maybe crime. Maybe … I dunno. I’ll just see where the waves and wind of creativity take me I guess. Any way, same as ever – first come, first served. See them all at Go On Write – The Pre-made Book Cover Depository.



New Pre-made Covers : Deserts, Trees and Erotic Ladies

Enjoy! You can get them all from Go On Write.


Book Cover Design: Return To Autumn

Another commissioned piece which I completed today.

return to autumn

40 More Pre-made Covers : Illustration

I did some more covers over the weekend … taken me till Wednesday to tell you all about it. One for the ladies, me thinks. But you never know … there might be some really talented male writers of chicklit type stuff. WHO AM I TO JUDGE.

Look at that David Nicols dude.


Book Cover: Dreaming In Spanish

You have truly learnt a language when you dream in it. I know I’ve been there, done that, got the sun tan. Here’s a cover about this very thing – for an author who commissioned me:



Commissioned Book Covers: Books & Cats

In case any one is thinking I’ve got totally into pre-made covers and have forgot about Dre commissioned work then think again … here’s two jobs I’ve completed in the last 24 hours. I’m a designing machine! I’m in my mad pre-Xmas rush – so I can have time off over Xmas. Any way, enjoy …

… oh and there is still plenty of pre-made covers still to be sold. Ok, so I’m a little over obsessed with the pre-made covers.