35 New Mixed-Bag Pre-made Book Cover Designs

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I did a little chat-interview with one of my clients this week. Which was fun. Worth a read – just for my opinionated points of view about self-publishing and design.


Hello all of you, today I had a nice chat with James, who kindly shared with me and now with you some good advices on books!

James Smith is a writer, you’ll find here his published story Humble Nations, and a designer you can contact if you are looking for an exceptional, attractive, exalting cover/e-cover for your book! You can have personalized book covers, but I’m not telling you more because you’ll find the information in his How I Work page. Or if you prefer you can find a multitude of awesome premade covers for all taste, all genres, ready to go!

Thank you James for this stimulating chat.


What are your Top 5 advices for a good ebook cover


Right this is pretty simple …

Number 1

is good typography it’s the first thing that always lets down a cover people always use bad fonts they either…

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45 More Cover : No nakedness thank heavens!

This time … more of a mixed bag of ideas. Was getting really bored of doing erotica – they sell well but there are so many other types of writing out there to be serviced (see I have bad sexual puns on my brain). So my new 45 covers reflect my need for some mind-bleach.
Some calm.
Some travelling.
Some Zen.

Get them all at : www.GoOnWrite.com

Zen 1


20 New Pre-made Covers: Asses

20 New Pre-made covers : Asses. It was a request from someone on my mailing list. But they’re here for anyone to buy. I think my new ones will be less erotic – I’m becoming a little jaded with looking at flesh. Any way, first come first served : www.GoOnWrite.com

asses 2